We are Tailors of the Energy Industry!

EPC Energy, ıt was established as a joint stock company with the gathering of a team of six experts and competent in their fields. 

It operates in power electronics and industrial electronics. The company’s motto is ‘OLDEST IS NEWEST’. This discourse is a symbolic expression that old and experienced people in the sector apply the latest technology in the products they produce and market.


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How do we work?



Sharing information with the sales team about the products the customer request


Reading Technical Spects

Preparing a product in accordance with the technical specifications sent by the customer by reading the specification.


Bid Evaluations

Preparing the offer and submitting it to the customer, making necessary revisions to the product and offer according to the responses from the customer.


Order and Production

After the order is received from the customer, detailed electrical and mechanical drawings of the devices are submitted to the customer for approval and production begins after the customer’s approval.

Suits Your Needs

Energy Solutions

Our expert engineer staff and project team examine the projects you send and offer you solutions tailored to your exact needs.

Customers’ Problems - Oriented Industrial Solutions

In order to prevent any damage to your devices because of triggered any undesirable electrical fluctuation and power outage in your electrical systems, and provide your system running at maximum performance, EPC Energy provides the optimum products that respond to your requirement.

Energy Efficiency - Oriented Solutions

EPC ensures services with AC & DC solutions within the scope of energy efficiency projects. Amongst them, we provide services such as, surveying works to increase energy efficiency at consumption which customers spent, providing consultancy service, providing systems to be installed with AC & DC...

Home/Office - Oriented Solutions

The clean, safe, and continuous energy which you demand at your home and office is provided by systems that EPC Energy produced or procured. Your computers and technological devices suffer from many problems, such as transient power outages, sudden voltage drops, or voltage surges, within a day.

Defense Industry - Oriented Solutions

Our company which is one of the leading companies in the power electronic industry produces highly reliable systems and performs maintenance and repair services for the defense and military electronic industry as well.

Renewable Energy Sources

Solar and wind energy sources will be among the most important sources in the future, as they are in today. EPC Energy has activities in renewable energy sources by cognizing it is significant for environmental issues. Global warming, possible fossil foil shortage in the future, and other factors cause renewable energy sources to come into prominence.

Maintenance - Repair and Engineering Services

The knowledge of and experience of the founders is almost as old as the power electronics sector in Turkey. For this reason, our company has taken a place among the best companies in engineering and after–sales services. EPC Energy generates solutions to energy problems you encounter...


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