Customers’ Problems - Oriented Industrial Solutions

In order to prevent any damage to your devices because of triggered any undesirable electrical fluctuation and power outage in your electrical systems, and provide your system running at maximum performance, EPC Energy provides the optimum products that respond to your requirement. During the process of the outcome of your problems, EPC Energy uses power electronics systems. Moreover, power electronics systems have been preferred frequently nowadays. Power electronics systems are used effectively in industries that operate in electrical systems that require controlling electrical power. Uninterruptable applications are the most typical application in power electronics systems. The use of uninterruptable applications is the most ideal solution to supply loads with clean, regulated voltage and current. A rectifier is another important application that provides a battery charger with a constant voltage and controllable current. Furthermore, we can regard other key applications as “inverters” to generate AC energy in various voltage and frequencies from DC, “frequency converters” to supply energy requirements at different frequencies, “DC/DC converters” to produce DC at different voltage and current from existing DC source, “speed control system” to arrange AC/DC motor speed, and surge protector to protect systems against any undesirable high voltage and energy from the electrical supply system.

Energy Efficiency - Oriented Solutions

EPC ensures services with AC & DC solutions within the scope of energy efficiency projects. Amongst them, we provide services such as, surveying works to increase energy efficiency at consumption which customers spent, providing consultancy service, providing systems to be installed with AC & DC converters in cases requiring investment and with long-term contracts to be signed with customers, the current setup of AC&DC systems and providing optimum efficiency in their current conditions. Moreover, EPC tests customers’ consumption intensity and provides optimization services according to the results. It is possible to use various technologies in solution packages. The technologies which we ensure are prepared in line with the customer’s project details.

Home/Office - Oriented Solutions

The clean, safe, and continuous energy which you demand at your home and office is provided by systems that EPC Energy produced or procured. Your computers and technological devices suffer from many problems, such as transient power outages, sudden voltage drops, or voltage surges, within a day. These problems could induce troubles including efficiency decline, operation and data losses, device breakdown, etc. EPC uninterruptable power sources not only keep you away from these problems; but also provide clean, safe, and uninterrupted energy. UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) is an ideal solution for you since use of generators is hard at homes and small-sized offices. The fact that a “condensing boiler” may be used under the condition that a long-term power cut exists is one of the system usage instances. Thanks to use of wind. solar panels and EPC inverters, it is enabled that you make electrical devices work if your home or office in a location where energy infrastructure has not been built.

Defense Industry - Oriented Solutions

Our company which is one of the leading companies in the power electronic industry produces highly reliable systems and performs maintenance and repair services for the defense and military electronic industry as well. EPC Energy designs and produces exact stable and solid power electronic products for defense industry companies’ demand. EPC Energy has also satisfying knowledge about military solutions, which require different designs and methods in comparison with civil industry requirements.

Renewable Energy Sources

Solar and wind energy sources will be among the most important sources in the future, as they are in today. EPC Energy has activities in renewable energy sources by cognizing it is significant for environmental issues. Global warming, possible fossil foil shortage in the future, and other factors cause renewable energy sources to come into prominence. In this regard, developed and underdeveloped countries have speeded up their investment and research on renewable energy sources and their technology. Our country cares about renewable energy investment too, and companies that produce engineering solutions in the sector have enormous duties and responsibilities. The future of our world is directly associated with renewable energy sources being used properly and actively. Our company, has strong environmental consciousness, carries out effective activities in the sector of energy production with wind and solar sources, and manufacture of their systems related to usage and marketing are among our priority.

Maintenance - Repair and Engineering Services

The knowledge of and experience of the founders is almost as old as the power electronics sector in Turkey. For this reason, our company has taken a place among the best companies in engineering and after–sales services. EPC Energy generates solutions to energy problems you encounter, provides maintenance – repair services for your “uninterrupted power sources”, “rectifiers”, “inverters” without considering what brands produce your devices. It performs required analyses and measurements in line with the demand from customers, offers solutions, and conducts you to conclude your investment properly. For instance, if an interrupted power source will be purchased for your business, EPC Energy makes on sites detection and measuring when necessary, presents you the most optimum product and solution, and ensures that your business makes the right investment.

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