About Us


EPC Energy, ıt was established as a joint stock company with the gathering of a team of six experts and competent in their fields.

It operates in power electronics and industrial electronics. The company’s motto is ‘OLDEST IS NEWEST’. This discourse is a symbolic expression that old and experienced people in the sector apply the latest technology in the products they produce and market.

About EPC Energy

Ertuğrul Sözmen, one of the founding partners of Turkey’s first power electronics company in 1977, founded EPC Energy in 2006 with experienced managers and engineers.

EPC Energy has been growing rapidly by continuing to combine its know-how since 1977 with new technologies. Competence in research and development enables EPC Energy to be among the best players in the industry.

Thanks to solutions that meet the special needs of many different sectors, we are the first choice of our customers. We produce the products that our customers and business partners need in the fastest and most efficient way.

Thanks to our special power solutions, many domestic and foreign business partnerships are formed. ABB comes first among them and as EPC Energy, we have become the exclusive distributor of ABB’s UPS products in Turkey.

Our priority is to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level. EPC Energy will continue to grow by using its accumulated knowledge and experience while constantly adapting to new technologies to produce efficient and reliable energy systems. The synergy we create with all our customers will be the pioneer of our enthusiasm for achieving our goals.

R & D

EPC Energy attaches great importance to research and development. 10% of our budget is dedicated to our R&D Department.

Our senior R&D Team works around the clock to make a difference. For us, R&D is the foundation to achieve our goal of becoming a world-renowned power electronics.

High Quality Consciousness

High quality is the most basic principle of our company. We only select significant quality-conscious providers who are backed by the appropriate local and international certification bodies.

All of our products undergo strict quality control processes and are 100% tested. Our company has ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001, ISO 45001 and ISO 50001 quality certificates.

Support After Sale

We say uninterrupted support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Technical Support is provided for all products manufactured and marketed by EPC Energy. Our technical service team is at your service 24/7 all year round.


We export our products to more than 45 countries in 4 continents. Exporting is an important part of our business and around 50% of our annual revenue comes from export activities.

Some of the countries we mainly export to; Germany, Netherlands, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Albania, Spain, Italy, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, UAE, Chile, Colombia etc.

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