ABB’s DPA UPScale ST S2 is a modular UPS designed for low-medium power applications. The UPS offers all-in-one power protection solution that includes frame, UPS, battery and communications. The system delivers power protection from 10 kW to 200 kW in a single frame and growing mid-size infrastructures, it can be paralleled horizontally to increase the capacity up to 400kW.This fully scalable and easily maintained UPS gives you unparalleled uptime and energy efficiency.


General Specifications

  • Decentralized Parallel Architecture
  • 9999% (6 nines) availability
  • Redundant capacity (N+1) per frame
  • Full vertical and horizontal scalability up to 400Kw
  • Best-in-class efficiency performance 96%
  • Small foot print with maximum power density 472kW/m2
  • Fast maintenance and serviceability

With DPA technology each UPS module has its own independent

  • logic control
  • control Panel
  • rectifier
  • inverter
  • battery

static bypass

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