Powerline DPA

ABB’s PowerLine DPA is an online double conversion UPS and makes the advantages of ABB’s unique modular UPS architecture available for locations that are usually rough on electronic equipment. PowerLine DPA is based on ABB’s Decentralized Parallel Architecture (DPA) that ensures the very best UPS design in terms of availability, flexibility, cost and ease of use.

Its robust design is suitable for industrial plant environments that have a variety of temperatures, dust, moisture and corrosive contaminants. The PowerLine DPA is designed to have a design life of 15 years..


General Specifications

Fail safe electrical design

  • High overload  and short-circuit capability
  • Galvanic isolation and step up-down voltage transformers
  • High capacity for battery current charge for long battery banks
  • 15 years design life

High availability

  • Decentralized Parallel Architecture
  • No single points of failure
  • Replace or add modules with no downtime
  • Short mean time to repair

Fail safe  mechanical design

  • High degree of protection
  • Suitable for controlled environments
  • Small foot print with high power density
  • Top/bottom cable entry

Efficient service concept

  • User-friendly operating interface
  • Fast & easy maintenance
  • Full front access
  • Reduced spare parts needed

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