MegaFlex DPA

MegaFlex DPATM is designed for critical high-density computing environments across private and public enterprise, as well as data centers for colocation, hosting cloud and telecommunications.

The modular UPS is based on ABB’s decentralized parallel architecture (DPA™). This innovative system means every UPS module is practically its own UPS with all the essential functional units needed for independent operation.

The on-line double conversion UPS provides the best power protection for your critical infrastructure from 250 kW to 1,500 kW.


General Specifications

Flexible approach

  • Easily scalable solutions
  • Up to 1,500 kW power protection in a single UPS with add-on modules
  • Redundant power capabilities: 1,000 kW N+1, 1,250 kW N+1
  • Collaborative, customer-centered approach

Optimized efficiency

  • Minimized energy losses, heat dissipation and electricity cost in double conversion or eco mode
  • Smart load-sharing optimizes energy consumption
  • Optimized system efficiency under low load conditions with ABB Xtra VFI

Reliable operations

  • DPA™ technology maximizing power availability
  • Online-swappable power modules for continuous uptime
  • Automatic isolation of any faulty power module
  • Fault-tolerant UPS design for uninterrupted power
  • Ease of operation with local and remote real-time monitoring

Simple installation and serviceability

  • Plug-in power modules support easy, safe connections
  • Pre-engineered power frames eliminate wiring entirely
  • Cleans and optimizes incoming power
  • Automatic self-configuration and testing minimizes human intervention

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