Powerscale 10-50kVA

This new generation transformerless, compact, scalable, cost-effective, stand-alone three-phase UPS system from 10 to 50 kVA answers all major concerns of IT and facility managers. With cost savings and 100% uptime as their number one priority, PowerScale delivers the lowest cost of ownership of any UPS system by providing energy efficiency, scalable flexibility, highest availability and serviceability.


General Specifications

• Output power factor = 0.9
• Inbuilt autonomy up to 1 hour
• Best-in-class compactness
• Input power factor PF = 0.99
• Up to 95.5% efficiency in double conversion mode and 98% efficiency in eco-mode
• Ripple-free battery charging increases battery life
• Wide input voltage range (–20 %/+15 %) at full load
Up to 20 units in parallel configuration

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