PowerValue 11-31T 10-20kVA

ABB PowerValue 11/31 T, 20 kVA’ya kadar kritik tek fazlı uygulamaları korumak için tasarlanmış trafosuz, gerçek çevrimiçi çift çevrim (VFI), kompakt kesintisiz güç kaynağı sistemidir. PowerValue 11/31 T gerçek online çift çevrim sistemi ile elektrik şebekesinde oluşabilecek ciddi bozulmalara karşı bile yüklerinizi yüksek verimlilikle korur. The PowerValue 11/31 T has all the features required for users to offer reliable power, low operating costs, long battery life, easy maintenance and complete flexibility.


General Specifications

• Energy savings thanks to 93% efficiency
• 97% efficiency in ECO mode
• Low harmonic distortions (< 5% THDi) and active power factor correction (0.99 input PF) eliminate interference from other equipment in the network
• Paralleling and redundancy capability (up to 4 units in parallel) increases system capacity and availability
• Integrated automatic and manual bypass simplifies maintenance and reduces need for external switchgears.
• Frequency converter operation to convert 50 to/from 60 Hz
• Compact solution that can achieve 5-16 min runtime with internal batteries
Same model supports different wiring schemes: three-phase and single-phase input as well as single and dual input feed

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